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Chip’s Talks

My Day of Infamy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             DSCN1116

Chip tells the story of his hunting accident according to the article he has written with the same title.  This is a compelling hunting story that tells the tragic tale of the day Chip took his last walk in the woods.  He follows that story with some tree stand safety lessons that he learned from his own accident plus he adds expert advice based on being a certified safety instructor.  He can wind up this talk in several ways.  He can talk about how his personal relationship with God is paramount when it comes to dealing with a life changing disability for more than twenty years.  He challenges folks with the question, “Are you a friend of God”.   He will be glad to tailor the end of his talk to fit most any situation or reach any group with the message of safety and salvation. ( 20-30 minutes)


GC squared is a collection of talks Chip has developed over ten years of youth ministry.  They are centered around the idea of combining the power of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission in order to live the abundant life Christ promised.  Hence the name. These talks are all supported by power point and there are several group exercises for students to participate in.  Each talk is designed to stand alone.  However, they can be combined and used together as material for a weekend retreat.  Chip will be glad to spend an overnighter with your group and use this material as a theme.

Talk Titles:

Welcome to The Team  A locker room style pep talk designed to motivate students to give Christ preeminence.  The main idea is that The Body of Christ is a living organism and is much more important than other organizations such as sports teams, school band and other extra curricular activities. (30-35 minutes)

GC² Concept  This talk starts out with a quick math lesson then moves quickly to the idea of combining the power of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.  Chip uses this talk to offer a solid overview of both of these important passages of scripture. (25-30 minutes)

Love God  This talk can stand alone but most often follows GC² Concept.  Chip dives into what it means to love God with everything you have.  The focus here is to move students from “have to” to “want to” by taking them to the foot of the cross. (20-25 minutes)

Love Others  This is the forth and final talk in the GC² series.  While it was originally intended to reinforce the GC² Concept it is well suited to stand alone.  The intent is to motivate students to love others as Christ loves them by giving them a powerful insight into just how much Christ loves them.  (20-25 minutes)

He Did not Drink

This is an interactive experience of the sufferings of Christ.  Chip takes the audience on a compelling trip through the gospel of Mark and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ was fully cognisent of the events that He faced at the end of His life on Earth.  This message is supported by video, powerpoint and practical effects.  It is designed to be evangelistic in nature which means it works well for outreach events where non-christians are invited.  Chip will be glad to partner with you in prayer and preparation for such an event.  Plan ahead and contact him today!  (25 -30 minutes)

You Don’t Have To Be an Expert

Chip retells the story found in The Book of Acts chapters three and four about how Peter and John healed a lame begger at the temple gate and as a result many became believers and were saved.  He uses humor and modern terminology to relay the story to students or adults.  The talk is designed to motivate people to have a first hand experience with God and then to share that with others by trusting in the power of The Holy Spirit as He leads people to divine appointments with people who need to have their own experience with God.  (30 minutes)

It’s a Family Tradition

This is a straight forward yet encouraging talk for the whole family.  It is designed to motivate men to be the spiritual leader of the household and encourage wives and children to rally behind the man as he leads.  Chip talks about changing the moral climate in America by rekindling the concept of family tradition.  He gets his biblical text from Jeremiah Chapter Thirty Five as he examines the example of the Rechabites.  This talk works well for the Sunday morning sermon setting or any other church wide event. (25 – 30 min)

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