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The Book

Serving God COVER (1)


Serving God contains three distinct segments:

I Need The Helper tells Chip Studer’s personal testimony and salvation story.  Chip credits God with saving him from the dysfunction of a broken family and for remaining faithful to him through ten years of disobedience during his career in the United States Navy.

My Day of Infamy tells the story of Chip Studer’s hunting accident.  Chip shares the details of that infamous day in his life, along with the lessons learned as a result.  He credits God with using a tragedy to rescue him from a lifestyle he desperately needed to abandon.

From Have To to Want To is a fifteen day devotional based on Chip Studer’s own walk with God.  It is designed to shed new light on the cross in a way that will move the reader from feeling as though he has to serve God to feeling as though he wants to serve Him


Use the above link to order the book directly from the publisher with a credit card.  It retails for $10.00 plus shipping.  Order five or more at once and receive a 20% discount.


Chip can be contacted via the email address above for signed copies.  Same prices apply.


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